Hiring delivery drivers on Craigslist for the first time? Here are some ways to make the process more efficient and attract the right candidates for the job.

Create a good job ad

Craigslist is a popular classified website. It’s likely the site will be carrying several other job postings for drivers in your city. How do you make your ad grab eyeballs quickly? Pay attention to what you say. Here are some job details and perks you want to include in your ad heading or within your ad body:

  • The location
  • Whether you’re offering a part-time or full-time position (Craigslist lets candidates filter jobs by status)
  • The hourly rate (most candidates will want to see this number in deciding if they want to apply; the earlier they have the information, the quicker they can decide)
  • Your company name (obviously) and a photo to appear legitimate and friendly
  • Flexible hours (if offered)
  • Benefits and incentives (if offered)

If you’re placing the ad across different locations, you can run with the same details. But posting can be a pain. Fortunately, our high volume Craigslist job posting service can automate the process for you, slashing hours each week on ad posting!

Explore the ideal times to post job ads

It’s generally seen that Monday through Wednesday are the best days to post a job ad. Job search engines tend to receive the highest traffic on Mondays. It makes sense to post at the beginning of the week when candidates are most active.

Looked at another way, for many of us, Monday is a reset button, a fresh start. Mondays are also psychologically taxing, reminding us once again why we need to change our job. This motivation to act tends to dissipate by Friday evening.

People are also more likely to check job ads in the earlier part of the day rather than in the hours following work when personal activities or errands keep them occupied. However, this can change based on occupation. Speaking to delivery drivers and looking up surveys on this topic will help you gain an accurate understanding.

As the month draws to a close, candidates’ resolve to check out new jobs can renew. Scheduling your Craigslist job posting at this time can possibly drive more responses. That said, you should note the trends and make general inquiries with staff and professional contacts on the ideal times to post job ads. You may find data that confirms or disconfirms your hypothesis and leads you in the right direction.

Post jobs in bulk

Manually posting each delivery job to Craigslist takes time and effort. It also creates the risk of errors. Job posting is best automated to save time and effort and eliminate the errors that crop up in manual data entry. As already mentioned, our Craigslist high volume job posting can do the heavy lifting for you. You can schedule your job ads to go out every ‘x’ hours over a 30-day period (a Craigslist job listing expires after 30 days of being on the site).

Boost your chances of finding delivery drivers qualified for the job quickly with smart tactics and automated bulk posting. Best of luck!