Craigslist is a great job ads site to source delivery drivers. But you’ll be sharing space with scores of other businesses with the same goal as you. How, then, do you maximize your chances of successful hiring? By following the best practices of hiring delivery drivers on Craigslist. Let’s dive in.

Timing your ad posts closer to the fourth week of the month

Turns out that applicants make the most effort to find and apply for jobs on Craigslist towards the end of the month. The fourth week of the month sees the highest number of post clicks and applications. So, you can end up with more applicants and potential candidates and begin screening and background checks. In contrast, the clickthrough and applicant rates are the lowest in the first week of the month. You’re likely to receive fewer inquiries during this time, and more as the weeks roll on.

Creating an engaging job ad

Overall employment of delivery truck drivers and driver/sales workers is predicted to grow 11% between 2021 and 2031. This is faster than the average for all other occupations. Drivers can pick and choose who they want to work for. Attractive pay, benefits, a positive work culture, and business values will come into sharper focus. Employers with ‘the mostest’ will win! But first, they must effectively articulate the benefits of working for them in their Craigslist job ads.

A good job will mention the following in the post title and description:

  • The location
  • Whether it’s a full-time or part-time position
  • The hourly rate
  • Flexible hours (if offered)
  • Benefits and incentives (if offered)

You can get more specific in the job description, mentioning your work culture, and adding personal touches that resonate with job-seekers. Your job ad can differentiate you while staying true to facts. It’s worth spending time creating great job ads when you decide to hire delivery drivers on Craigslist.

Using a bulk posting service

Posting job ads on Craigslist is a mundane admin task. It can take up a few minutes to a few hours each week, depending on the number of job ads that must be created. If you have requirements for many drivers or other roles and anticipate posting a high volume of jobs on the site, it’s best to use a bulk posting service for Craigslist. Your posting partner will ensure that your posts are up on the site quickly. They may also handle job reposting and renewals. You can devote your time to candidate screening and phone and in-person interviews, which will help speed up hiring. Conversely, handling bulk posting on your own will slow down your hiring process.

Getting feedback from your employees

Speak to your current drivers to get a better sense of what it feels like to work in the role. If you’re a new business, you can ask employees for insights. Use the feedback to frame your conversations with applicants as the hiring process rolls on.

Record results and identify trends

Once you become a regular on Craigslist, observe what works, what doesn’t, and use it to improve your efforts on the site. Also consider collecting feedback from new hires after 6-9 months of their joining to understand their experience engaging with you on Craigslist and through subsequent hiring steps.