quality candidates

The main reason to fill open positions quickly is to ensure that work doesn’t suffer and customers aren’t inconvenienced. But there’s another reason to accelerate recruiting: the best qualified candidates tend to find jobs within five days. How do you find quality candidates in a short period of time?

Post job ads in bulk

Posting several jobs on a Craigslist site or multiple location-specific sites slows down the recruiting process. You want to get your job postings out as quickly as possible, and the best way is to use a high volume Craigslist job posting service. If you’re in a high volume, high turnover industry, our service will support your operations and save you time for strategic business activities.

Determine hiring criteria

An essential tip but one that cannot be emphasized enough. Knowing who your ideal candidate is will only help you make the right choices and keep the recruitment process going smoothly. It will allow you to create an accurate Craigslist job description that attracts candidates that fit the bill, which will ensure a positive interview experience for both you and the candidates.

Smooth out the screening process

Conducting a series of interviews will only delay your search for the right candidate. Consider using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to shortlist candidates, and then start with phone screening. You’ll have a good idea of who should make it to the interview round. Settle on a fixed number of interview rounds and add time for any negotiations that selected candidates may wish to have.

Delegate tasks

Handling recruitment on your own will become overwhelming at some point. You also have other job responsibilities to attend to. Identify tasks that can be delegated to a senior employee. If you want to maintain strict oversight, have them report to you daily. Once the employee gets accustomed to the process, they can take on other tasks, depending on their other job responsibilities.

Involve your team

Two heads are better than one. Many are excellent. Your team can be instrumental in helping improve the quality of your hiring process. Request their inputs to create an accurate and comprehensive role design. This will help you clearly communicate the skills, experience, and other requirements in your Craigslist job descriptions.

Respond promptly to questions

If candidates email questions to you, get back to them quickly. They’re reaching out to you because they’re interested and consider you a potential employer. But they may have a few questions to get a better idea of what the position entails. By clearing candidates’ questions, you’ll be helping them decide if they’re a good fit for the role.

Follow-up with candidates once they’ve interviewed

After the interview, a thank you email, a rejection email, and a follow-up interview email make companies look classy and considerate. Unfortunately, far too many companies fail to follow-up with candidates, causing them anxiety. It’s a good practice to respond to candidates after the interview. A positive experience may prompt them to apply to your company in the future or refer others.