Once responses to your Craigslist job ads start trickling in, you’ll have your hands full evaluating applicants. It’s too easy to spend hours going through emails before you start replying to qualified folks. The problem grows manifold for high-volume Craigslist job postings when the trickle turns into a rush. How can you save time while evaluating every response fairly?

Be specific about job requirements in your ad

Clearly state what you’re looking for so that applicants can understand if they’re a good fit for the job and have a chance of getting it. This includes the skills, education, traits, and other credentials that qualify them for the job. Create a bulleted list of these requirements. A summary of job responsibilities below or above will further clarify what candidates need to perform effectively in the job.

Scan the cover letter

If requesting a cover letter is standard practice in the occupational category, it’s a good place to start filtering out applicants. It will be particularly time-efficient if you have scores of Craigslist job postings. In assessing a cover letter, it’s worth keeping these tips in mind:

  • a weak cover letter is simply a summary of the resume
  • a generic one is addressed to all potential employers and doesn’t contain anything specific to your company
  • a good cover letter expresses how the applicant will bring value to your company
  • the cover letter speaks volumes about a candidate’s fundamental formal writing skills; if the individual is unable to get through to you, they’re likely to have trouble communicating at work.

Match credentials

A clear job description makes it easier to match applicants’ credentials against your requirements. If you expect the candidate to have at least a high school diploma but their resume makes no mention of it, you can assume they’re hiding something and weed them out. If you’re hiring tradespeople, check for apprenticeships and trade certificates. Looking for mid-level managers? Checking if they have progressive experience is one way to decide on role fit.

Check references

The final hurrah! If everything else checks out, you can start contacting the applicant’s references. You’ll have to carve out the time to make calls. A list of 4-5 questions to ask helps the process move along swiftly. You may want to confirm what the candidate has said in their resume and make inquiries about their work ethic, the reason for their departure from the company, and how they deal with pressure. Anticipate the approximate time for each reference call and cut in when you feel the call is lasting too long. You’ll be saving a lot of time on those high volume Craigslist job postings.

Invest in efficient solutions

Businesses commonly outsource candidate screening and evaluation to save time for strategic and operational tasks. In fact, many activities in the recruitment lifecycle can be automated or transferred to a third party. Examples include our fully automated Craigslist job posting, resume search services, and recruitment process outsourcing. Why not explore simple and powerful ways to make your hiring process faster and more effective?