Things job posting companies can learn from Craigslist.

Founded in 1995 by Craig Newman, Craigslist swiftly evolved into a website that let businesses and agencies post jobs, gigs, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Today, Craigslist is active in more than 700 cities across over 70 nations. It’s a well-liked job board, particularly among businesses and blue-collar employees in the US and Canada. Though typically used for advertising less senior or entry-level positions, this versatile platform can also be used for advertising mid or senior-level job vacancies. Many hiring managers all across the continent are now looking to this affordable website to search for talent worldwide. With a large number of job-posting companies now available online, Craigslist has some features that make it stand out from others.

Cost of posting jobs

Craigslist is a highly affordable platform for posting jobs when compared to other similar platforms like Monster, Dice, or CareerBuilder. Employers can post jobs on Craigslist for a fee of as little as $10. It goes up only to an amount of $75 in San Francisco. Whereas sites like Dice charge a steep fee of about $495 for each job posting. The platform also charges extra for performing resume searches, whereas it is completely free on Craigslist. So, employers can find even specialized workers in their industry with little to no cost on Craigslist.

Hiring blue-collar workers

There is a dearth of online job sites that cater to the needs of companies wanting to hire blue-collar workers. Many online job boards like Dice specialize in advertising vacancies that require highly-qualified professionals in fields like software and IT. Whereas Craigslist acts as an excellent resource for employers looking for blue-collar workers for full-time or seasonal jobs. The platform also allows employers to do local searches so that they can hire workers from their immediate locality. This flexibility gives it a competitive edge over other platforms when hiring manual workers.


Craigslist has forums that enable businesses and recruiters to engage with users and demonstrate their company’s ethics and beliefs. These discussions will help organizations identify people who will fit in well with the company culture.

Craigslist is a cost-conscious and user-friendly platform that allows easy recruitment compared to its many competitors. Hiring through this platform can help businesses find the best talents. Find out how you can improve your Craigslist job posting with the help of Dstribute