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Did you know, recruitment advertising contributes almost 70% of Craigslist revenue?

If you’re a recruiter or employer looking to make some new hires, chances are that you’ve already created job listings on this website. And with solutions like Dstribute’s high volume Craigslist job posting service, the process of hiring and onboarding new talent has become even smoother.

Now, you would think that you’ve done everything you can to build an effective recruitment strategy. But one important part of the puzzle is still missing: Re-engaging previous candidates. Maybe there were some potentially good candidates you could’ve hired, but didn’t. Or, there were some that weren’t available the last time. Whatever the reason, this strategy could be the key to getting quality hires for your company. We’ll tell you how. Let’s explore some strategies for re-engaging previous Craigslist job applicants.

Re-Engaging Previous Job Applicants on Craigslist

Just like marketing and sales, there’s a recruitment funnel. And while some candidates pass through this funnel, some are lost in the middle. Re-engaging previous applicants on Craigslist gives you a chance to revisit candidates in the middle-of-the-funnel stage. Maybe the candidate gained more experience, or maybe they could be a perfect fit for another role now. Maybe your own selection criterion has changed. The benefits of revisiting these applicants are many –

  • They’ve previously expressed their interest in joining your team
  • You will already have some idea about their strengths and weaknesses
  • They would already be in your database, which could simplify the hiring process

How to Re-Engage Previous Applicants

Re-engaging with previous applicants can be easy if you know the right strategies. Here are some to get you started –

1. Personalized follow-ups

The best way to re-engage Craigslist applicants is by connecting with them on an individual level. Sure, you can send a follow-up email through Craigslist itself, but a phone call could be a better way to show sincerity.

If you had rejected the candidate in the past, make sure you find out why that happened. Also, note down the specific details from the application to show that you remember them.

2. Host virtual events

Another great way to re-engage with previous applicants is by hosting a virtual event. This can be a networking event, Q&A session, or webinar. These events could be great for connecting with multiple applicants at the same time. You can let them know about opportunities for growth offered at the company, the company culture, and values.

3. Timing

When you’re looking to re-engage with previous Craigslist applicants, timing will be everything. You have to plan strategically and reach out at the right time. This is important when you’re dealing with candidates who may have declined the job offer in the past. Approach them when you have some news to share, or if their desired job role opens up.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the strategies you can use to re-engage previous applicants on Craigslist. We hope that you use them to find some great candidates. But it’s also possible that you might have to reject some candidates twice. In this case, remember to communicate with them genuinely, thank the candidates for their time, and provide them with honest feedback.

If you’re thinking about posting some more jobs on Craigslist, let Dstribute make it easier for you. We have a Craigslist high volume bulk posting solution that could make job postings as easy as 1, 2, 3. Contact us today to learn more.