Craigslist has become one of the most popular recruitment sites among businesses that want to hire local or seasonal workers without having to spend a fortune on the hiring process. But before you take a plunge into this hiring web, it is important to have a clear understanding of the different Craigslist job posting metrics that affect the success of the postings. This not only helps you in enhancing the impact of your job postings but also helps you to understand the changes you need to make for improving them.

Important Craigslist job posting metrics

Some crucial Craigslist job posting metrics include:


This metric indicates how many times a Craigslist job posting has been seen. It is important to understand that this metric does not indicate any actual engagements with the post. It simply shows the number of times the post was recommended to the audience.


This metric indicates how many individuals have engaged or interacted with the Craigslist job posting. This is one of the most important metrics that can help you measure the success of a posting. It will help you understand better how your audience interacted with a particular posting. Comparing this metric with different postings will help you to analyze the features that can help you attract the right candidate for a position.


This indicates the number of individuals who have visited a hyperlink or site indicated in the posting.

Making improvements in Craigslist job posting

Analyzing the different performance metrics of a Craigslist job posting can give you excellent insights into how to make it better and enhance its impact on potential applicants. Some improvements you can do include:

Job description

Pay attention to the details you have given in the job description that attracts the maximum number of right candidates and remember to include these details in all your other postings. Make sure to include compensation details, company logo, clear job requirements, qualifications, etc. in the descriptions. Note the details in the headlines that improved the performance metrics of the postings.


Using relevant keywords can improve the reach of your Craigslist job postings. Make note of keywords that maximize the performance of your postings and use them to widen your reach. You should also carefully record job specific keywords too.


Post different job advertisements at different times and record the time of the post that performs better. You can optimize your other posts at a similar time to maximize engagement.


To know how successful a job posting is, it is necessary that you measure certain performance metrics. But one issue you may face here is that Craigslist does not offer any insights or metrics into the clicks or views a job posting has received. A good strategy is to invest in real-time monitoring to track the performance of the postings. You can immediately gain insights into cost and overall success by using a service that can measure real-time analytics and follow the complete job seeker experience from clicks to impressions to applications to hires.