As a high-traffic and free-to-low-cost job board, Craigslist attracts employers across all occupational categories. While posting an ad on the site is straightforward, maximizing hiring results requires some thinking. These tips will help you get started.

Add professional images

Craigslist allows you to add images to your job ads. It’s a good idea to use this opportunity to showcase your storefront or office, and the human face of your brand aka your team. A job ad with photos will make you stand out among other listings. If you’re going with high volume Craigslist job posting and recruiting on an ongoing basis, you will be building more brand familiarity.

Use Craigslist mail relay or an applicant tracking system

When you post a job for free on Craigslist, you’ll receive applications via email. Providing your work email can potentially send spam your way, which you can avoid by using Craigslist mail relay instead. Mail relay creates an intermediate email address. Candidates’ responses arrive at this alias and are then forwarded to your email account.

Another option is to use an applicant tracking system that gathers applications into a searchable database. If you aren’t interested in making this technology investment, you can count on mail relay to keep your email address private and avoid spam.

Use attention-grabbing titles

Put yourself in applicants’ shoes and think about what would make you click on your Craigslist job posting. The hourly rate of pay? A mention of bonuses, health insurance, or other incentives? Flexible hours? Career advancement? Zero in on 2-3 perks and mention them in the title to attract serious job candidates and passive browsers. If you think a catchy phrase can make a difference, try it out. For example, ‘BE YOUR OWN BOSS’ or ‘WANT TWEETER IN CHIEF’. While being creative can make you stand out, it shouldn’t come at the cost of job perks or fall foul of Craigslist’s posting rules.

Add a little something about your work culture

Work culture is among the main reasons people change jobs. After a dissatisfactory experience, they’re keen to avoid the same trap and consider the work environment at companies, among other things. A glimpse of your office culture in your Craigslist job ad will provide some reassurance to candidates. You can get creative here too but take care not to sound glib.

Check candidates’ communication skills via voicemail

Think about this option if you want to screen candidates based on their ability to communicate. You could have a series of questions for them to answer and assess conveniently via voicemail.

Use bulk posting

If there’s a hiring activity that’s ripe for automation, it’s a job posting. An automated solution can post a large volume of Craigslist ads faster than a human hiring manager and without the errors that creep into manual posting. If time is of the essence and you need to fill many positions quickly, bulk posting of jobs is the best solution. It’s also ideal for posting job ads across different locations on an ongoing basis.

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