Craigslist is a great website for making for reading and placing local ads and classifieds posts. It is a versatile platform featuring different sections like for sale or wanted posters, gigs, community service, housing, or employment postings. It is also extremely easy to use and often free or has a nominal charge.

Small business recruitment

Hiring for an open position can often be challenging for a small business. This is especially true when there is limited personnel in the company, and they are crammed with other important business-related work. Small businesses may also sometimes struggle in identifying candidates who can suit their business needs and professional outlook. This is where a platform like Craigslist can help them advertise job openings to find applicants who meet their hiring criteria.

Every month, a sizable number of small businesses post open positions on Craigslist making it a popular job board. Some features that make Craigslist suited for small business recruitment include:

Local reach

Most small businesses typically prefer to hire people who are located near their business. This helps them find people who are aware of the culture and business ethics of the region, making the hiring and personnel integration process easier. Hiring a person located in a different country may present some issues like language barriers or salary problems that can become challenging for a small business to manage. Craigslist offers a solution for all these issues by allowing job posters to pick the area in which they wish to hire the candidates.


Most small businesses are often tight on the budget since they are only starting out and will need a lot of cash for business expansion operations. This means they may not have a lot of money to spend on recruitment processes by posting on websites like Monster. Craigslist is a great option to try in this case. The majority of the time, posting job advertisements is free. A small $25 fee is charged in a few certain cities. It is only a bit expensive in SF Bay Area, priced at $75. But still compared to the competitor websites, Craigslist is easy on the wallets of small businesses.

Seasonal hiring

Many local businesses may need seasonal workers to help them during the rush of the holiday season. Craigslist is a great website where small businesses can make posting for positions open during the holiday season. Since this website has a good reputation among people looking for gigs, small businesses will be able to hire good candidates for their open positions. Job posts are not subject to any word limits. So, businesses can also include important details like required qualifications that can make the hiring process smooth.


Small businesses can use Craigslist as an inexpensive and easy way to make postings of vacant positions. It can help them hire local and seasonal workers ideal for their business needs. If you need help advertising vacant positions for your business on Craigslist, contact us at Redwood Technology Solutions today. Our team has experience of several years successfully making Craigslist postings.