Why It's A Great Idea To Outsource OFCCP Compliance

Equal Opportunity Employment And Its Importance

There are several websites such as Craigslist & Indeed where employers can put up ads for recruitment drives to pick candidates best suited for the various roles in their organization. There exist a few prerequisites, such as educational qualifications, previous work experience, and salary expectations, based on which you should make your choice. Another important aspect of recruitment is representation. Nowadays, companies have to be equal opportunity employers, to avoid scrutiny in the industry from their peers and workers. The importance of this aspect grows exponentially if you wish to be eligible in the future to work on a federal government contract.

There exists a government agency called the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, which was formed to ensure that all citizens have access to equal hiring opportunities for federal contracts.

OFCCP regulations at a glance

These are specific guidelines formulated by the OFCCP to promote healthy and unbiased recruitment opportunities available to all. Some of them are summarized as follows:

  1. Working on an effective action plan in accordance with the guidelines of the OFCCP
  2. Establishing an internal audit and response system
  3. Timely circulation of numerous notices of impartiality and workers’ rights adhering to regulations of the OFCCP compliance
  4. The detailed archiving of employee records
  5. Submitting an Equal Employment Opportunity-One (EEO-1) report to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) annually.
  6. Hiring dedicated Equal Employment Opportunity Specialists (EEOS) to overlook the recruitment process.

Making sure your company follows all these guidelines to the tee while recruiting, can further complicate an already time-consuming process. Frankly, your company can use the money, time, and resources elsewhere and use the services of recruitment processing outsourcing outfits instead.

Outsourcing OFCCP Compliance

Recruitment processing outsourcing agencies are experts in their field of talent acquisition. They know how to handle the hiring process and stay updated on the latest recruitment-based technologies. They have the resources and manpower to meet talent acquisition demands. RPO work with people, technology, and resources to bring them together for a successful recruitment opportunity. They streamline the whole process in a way that will save small and big companies a lot of time and resources. They are also very well-versed in OFCCP-compliant guidelines. So they ensure that all recruitment drives and subsequent hiring are organized in accordance with the regulations laid down by OFCCP. In short, RPO can organize an appropriate recruitment drive for your company that is cost-efficient, OFCCP compliant, fast, and effective.


Frankly, many organizations, particularly small and medium-sized firms, aren’t aware of the OFCCP or its potential importance to their business. A federal contract not only pays really well, but it will also increase your brand awareness by manifolds. Besides that, you also get an opportunity to work with the federal government to make a great impact on your society. For that, you need to be prepared. Your first government contract can come your way sooner than you think. This is why it’s important to outsource OFCCP compliance through Recruitment process outsourcing.

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