Regarding digital marketing, many platforms have taken the top spot regarding the importance, interaction, and reach. That being said, an underrated name that many businesses overlook is Craigslist’s amazing marketplace. With tens of millions of users each year, this American classified advertising site can help you promote your business effectively and efficiently.

If you are a business owner who already posts on Craigslist, let’s say for a Craigslist job posting, you may have come across a prevalent issue: a gap in advertising. Specifically, a lack of continuous and regular posts can often lead to a loss in engagement and reach over time.

Actively Renew Your Advertisements

Probably one of the most essential tips when it comes to continuous advertising is renewing ads regularly. As a business owner, you must log into your account, go to your active ads, and click renew. This brings your ad back to the top of the viewing list and allows more eyes to see it.

That being said, while renewing is one thing, parallelly re-posting ads is also important. This is because all Craigslist ads will “expire” after 30 days after which you need to repost the ad entirely. Maintaining this level of continuity is the key to success on the platform.

Go Through The Terms Of Service

One of the worst ways to lose credibility and continuity in your Craigslist advertising is by breaking the terms of service. Whether this involves the language used in an advertisement, the phone number provided, or any other detail, make sure everything is valid and acceptable. With proper details, ads will not be flagged and can show on top of viewing lists.

When it comes to Craigslist high volume job posting, it is essential to make sure you have all the local laws, compliance, and other legalities sorted out. Any incorrect or illegal details can reduce your credibility and remove your post.

Integrate Automation

While these tips can help you manually manage your advertisements on Craigslist, they can often be too tedious. Thankfully, a great way to completely solve this problem is with the help of automation software for Craigslist. For example, at Redwood Technology Solutions, we provide High Volume Craigslist Job Posting which can completely change how your marketing works on the platform.

This service can provide customized posting on Craigslist, designed to suit individual needs. So you can focus on core business processes while leaving this to Redwood. Along with this, we also offer OFCCP Compliance Job Posting so you can stay within the confines of the law and make sure all your hiring is 100% legal.


Incorporating these tips into your marketing strategy can help the way you advertise on Craigslist and positively impact everything from hiring to marketing. Specifically, for more extensive requirements, using services such as our Job Posting can help reduce the burden of hiring on the platform while parallelly keeping your advertising continuous and effective.