candidate engagement

Amongst the multiple employment websites available out there, Indeed is one such platform that has been able to stand out and gain the trust of employers and job seekers alike. Launched in 2004 – and having over 560 million global visitors currently- Indeed continues to be a reliable platform for finding potential candidates.

However, with such a massive user base, simply posting a job post won’t cut it. You need to know smart ways to engage with your ideal candidate, keep them interested in the opportunity, and encourage them to join your company.

In this blog post, we will dive into some powerful and effective strategies for engaging with top talent on Indeed’s platform. Read on!

Top 4 Effective Strategies to Engage with Candidates on Indeed

1. Use Indeed’s Powerful Employer Dashboard to Communicate With the Candidate

Indeed offers a robust Employer Dashboard that can help you easily communicate with candidates. Once you have reviewed the resumes and shortlisted the candidates you are interested in, you can use the Indeed Employer Dashboard to contact them. This way, you won’t have to send multiple emails to all the candidates. You can simply send messages from the dashboard and track them.

The dashboard allows you to send messages to the candidates that will land on their emails directly. You can also send them an interview invitation that syncs with almost every calendar app.

2. Send Personalized Messages

When you use Indeed Employer Dashboard to message candidates, remember not to send generic messages. Mention specific things from candidates’ resumes or profiles when you reach out. For example, don’t just send a “we’re interested in you” text.

Instead, send a personalized message like, “We are impressed by your project at ABC Corp. Let’s talk about how you’d fit our Marketing Manager role.” Such personalization shows you care about their unique skills and are actually interested in them.

3. Be Quick in Your Responses

One of the best ways to keep a candidate engaged on Indeed’s platform is by responding promptly. Once you have sent your initial message, make sure to respond quickly to candidates and answer their queries.

Don’t keep them guessing about the hiring process. Let them know what to expect in terms of assessments, interviews, and timelines. Clear communication and swift responses go a long way in keeping the candidates engaged and reassured.

4. Share Your Company Culture

When candidates apply for a job, they aren’t just curious about the positions but also want to know what it’s like to work at your company. To increase their interest and keep them engaged, consider discussing your company culture and highlighting things that make your organization unique.

You can share stories about your values, work environment, and employee experiences. Talk about an employee’s success story or show fun team activities.

Wrapping Up

The hiring landscape is getting more and more competitive with each passing day. Finding the right people on Indeed is just the beginning of the process. The real magic happens when you connect with potential candidates, pique their interest, and turn them into excited team members. Doing so becomes simpler with the above-mentioned strategies.

These strategies attract top talent on Indeed and build a group of excited candidates who can contribute to your company’s success.