gen z

Are you looking to hire Gen Z on Craigslist? You’ll need a different approach to catch their attention and encourage them to apply, particularly if you spot your competitors on the site. Here are some ideas on adapting your recruitment strategies for Gen Z job-seekers on Craigslist.

Show the meaning in work

People want to know the impact of their work beyond making their employers money and supporting their own livelihoods. This feeling is greater among Gen Z workers. In your job description, it’s worth adding the contributions in the role and their impact on your business. Applicants should get the feeling that they aren’t simply a cog in the wheel but something more.

Show you care for their well-being

According to Gallup, Gen Z wants an employer caring about their well-being. Offering Gen Z applicants assurance that their physical and mental well-being is a priority and stating how you intend to do so (e.g. flexible hours or gym memberships) will make you stand out.

Mention work-life balance

Continuing from the point above, the idea of balancing work and life is appealing to younger generations of workers. Gen Zers are more individualistic, with a stronger sense of personal expression. They engage in hobbies and invest in their well-being, engaging in activities like yoga, meditation and running. They will establish firm work-life boundaries, something to think about when creating your Craigslist job description.

Be truthful

Gen Zers are digital natives with serious research skills. They will dig into your business online, checking out reviews on Google and employer review sites. Presenting an honest account of your business is therefore in your best interests. Keep the description crisp and use bullet points for easy skimming. Applicants will be looking at several other postings and spend only a few minutes reading each.

Review your social media feeds

Not a Craigslist tip per se but it can help you look even better on the jobs site. Gen Zers and Millennials are more likely to check out prospective employers’ social media pages than older workers. They want a glimpse into the brand personality, culture, and values to determine whether the company is a good fit. It helps to showcase your authentic self on your social media channels.

Get back quickly

Gen Z is the most impatient generation. Don’t expect them to wait while you spend weeks reviewing all the responses you’ve received. Try to reduce the time between an application and interview. If you’re growing your team size by a large number, review your recruiting process and identify opportunities to streamline it and speed up response times.

Improve the efficiency of your recruitment process

The percentage of Gen Z and Millennials in the workforce is expected to increase to 58% by 2030. As demand for skilled talent grows, third-party resources can improve the outcome of your recruitment efforts. Our high-volume Craigslist job posting takes care of your Gen Z talent application process while you focus on other aspects of recruitment. Talk to us to learn more about how we can assist with your recruitment needs.